Abnilshimi products

  • Pure acrylic copolymers

    Pure acrylic copolymers

    Since these emulsion resins are produced only from acrylate resins, they are an excellent choice for coatings that required resistance to UV rays, water and also high glossiness.

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  • vinyl acrylic copolymers

    vinyl acrylic copolymers

    This emulsion resin polymerized from vinyl acetate and acrylate monomers. Their remarkable properties compared to vinyl acetate homopolymers are extremely high UV and water resistance.

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  • Vinyl acetate homopolymers

    Vinyl acetate homopolymers

    These emulsion resin are derived from vinyl acetate monomer. Polyvinyl alcohol as a colloid agent stabilized them finally. They`re applied in different industries such as adhesive and textiles.

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  • styrene acrylic copolymers

    styrene acrylic copolymers

    These water-based emulsion resins have extremely high resistance to water and good adhesion to various surfaces. The reaction of styrene monomer with acrylate monomer resulted such a quality.

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    Abnilshimi products include vinyl acetate homopolymers, acrylic vinyl copolymers, acrylic-styrene copolymers and pure acrylic copolymers. Production of more than 30 various products for specific applications is our honor. The product table contains technical data is available to help you order easily. Download the abnilshimi products table


    Abnilshimi Co. Research and Development Unit is ready to cooperate with all companies for designing and presenting the formulation and production of new products in water-based emulsion resins field.


    Abnilshimi Co laboratory experts are engaged to product and distribute diverse products with a wide range of applications. They are also ready to consult and guidance to choose and correct product use, solving problems and formulate a formula for custom use.